TrajGuard: A Comprehensive Trajectory Copyright Protection Scheme


Trajectory data has been widely used in many urban applications. Sharing trajectory data with effective supervision is a vital task, as it contains private information of moving objects. However, malicious data users can modify trajectories in various ways to avoid data distribution tracking by the hashing-based data signatures, e.g., MD5. Moreover, the existing trajectory data protection scheme can only protect trajectories from either spatial or temporal modifications. Finally, so far there is no authoritative third party for trajectory data sharing process, as trajectory data is too sensitive.

To this end, we propose a novel trajectory copyright protection scheme, which can protect trajectory data from comprehensive types of data modifications/attacks. Three main techniques are employed to effectively guarantee the robustness and comprehensiveness of the proposed data sharing scheme: 1) the identity information is embedded distributively across a set of sub-trajectories partitioned based on the spatio-temporal regions; 2) the centroid distance of the sub-trajectories is served as a stable trajectory attribute to embed the information; and 3) the blockchain technique is used as a trusted third party to log all data transaction history for data distribution tracking in a decentralized manner. Extensive experiments were conducted based on two real-world trajectory datasets to demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed scheme.

In Proceedings of the 25th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining
Zheyi Pan
Zheyi Pan
Doctor Management Trainee (DMT)

My research interests include urban computing, deep learning, spatio-temporal data mining, and artificial intelligence.